Published Works by Patricia Caldwell Lee


2012: (Published)                                                                                                          Just Say Yes to Life - embracing individuation to embrace life

2022/2023: (to be published) -                                                                                  Death chases all of us - every moment of every day.


This book, 'Just Say Yes to Life, embracing individuation to embrace life', takes

Carl Jung’s fascinating concept of individuation –to become who or what we are destined to become - and brings it right up to date with a modern twist, demystifiying it to take us on a compelling journey on how to individuate fully.


Individuation is an inner psychological process, occurring throughout all adult life, enabling people to develop and differentiate, to venture into the unknown – to become who or what we are destined to become.


The book gives many wonderful and amazing examples of celebrities individuating successfully or not, and is supplemented by visuals and questionnaires. It also explores the importance and relevance of the 7- year cycle and how many of us suppress the individuation process and disallow ourselves the opportunity to grow and differentiate,-  to become who or what we are destined to become.


This fascinating book, perfect for our time, appeals to all and essentially reveals the relevance and importance that individuation has for our lives today.


To embrace it, gives meaning to our lives.


Individuation is a spiritual undertaking revealing how our lives do not simply unfold in accordance with an inner blueprint but have a divine or cosmic significance.  


To fulfil our human potential we must individuate.