Louis Vuitton says Just Say Yes!

Review by Orla McKeown, Director of Operations Louis Vuitton


'Absolutely loved it and wished it was longer. Extremely well written with clear messages and directon. Will ensure all my staff will receive a copy. Congrats again.' Orla Mckeown

A Novel that Plays with Life

Review by Frank Walters, Chairman Frontera  Group

It’s fair to say that human psychology has always played an important role in the alchemy of advertising. We always need to know what drives and motivates people. Carl Jung was one of the early pioneers in the understanding of what makes people tick. One of his concepts was a process called ‘individuation’. I’ve recently found a really interesting book that brings this process right up to date with a modern day twist. It’s called ‘Just say yes to life’ and it’s well worth a read.
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Book by local author is perfect timing for the world we live in now

Academic embraces the concept of individuation

Chiswick & Kew Chronicle May 2012

Review by Gina Hemmings Author and Businesswoman


Just reviewed this book by local author, Patricia Caldwell-Lee, from Kew - absolutely fascinating -I really loved it! and perfect timing for the world we live in now.
Essentially, this book validates and embraces our  need for continuous change and growth to become who or what we may become
 i.e to individuate - a term coined by Carl Jung, which this book demystifies, to give meaning to a natural adult psychological process which we all experience throughout life-
yet many of us suppress it.
Having reached a pivotal stage in my life where change is necessary for  me to move to the next level,  reading this book resonated completely with me- and makes so much sense . It encourages us to understand that individuation is to  be celebrated and embraced and will always bring us greater rewards. Basically to fulfil our human potential we must individuate!
It is illustrated by amazing examples of those in the public eye who are individuating successfully and it identifies the many ways in which individuation makes its presence known in our lives.
This book will take you on a compelling journey to discover how to individuate!


K. S. Kanagasabai "kavin_k"(Senior Lecturer, Cavendish College, London)


Enjoyed reading the book - simple and direct! The book offers explores the concept of 'individuation' to help one realise the psychological wholeness. In a nutshell, Patricia Caldwell-Lee, emphasises the point of becoming what or who one is destined to become.
The message in this book is to celebrate and embrace individuation and dare to be different whist realising the fact that as human beings we all have a great need for purpose and meaning in life, and discovering the recognition that there is something greater than ourselves: so "individuate" and fulfil one's inner potential.


Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating and Inspiring, 26 April 2012

By C. Heath (Southampton, UK)

This review is from: Just Say Yes to Life: Embracing Individuation to Embrace Life (Paperback)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Patricia's well researched and thought provoking book. The concepts are clearly explained in a very accessible style and evidenced with numerous references to people in the public eye. Throughout the book, there are diagrams, questionnaires and exercises which I found most helpful. I couldn't put the book down. A fascinating and inspiring subject. Excellent value and a great read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Clear and insightful, 8 May 2012

By Jane (Kew, london)


This review is from: Just Say Yes to Life: Embracing Individuation to Embrace Life (Paperback)

'Just Say Yes to Life' is an excellent guide to Jung's concept of 'individuation': an inner drive which pushes us to realize our fullest personal potential. The book explains clearly why this process is so important in your life, the ways in which we try to ignore wake-up calls and how to discover the purpose of your life. The description of the seven-year cycles of growth is particularly clear and helpful. By embracing the process of individuation, you will significantly enrich your life.
Jane Bailey Bain ('LifeWorks: Using myth & archetype to develop your life story')


5 out of 5 stars. Superb 18 May 2012

By Ivan Kehelly "Ivanhoe" (Ireland)

This review is from: Just Say Yes to Life: Embracing Individuation to Embrace Life (Paperback)

We live in a secular age though there are signs that we are becoming more aware that there is more to life to 'getting on'. This book mixes the urge to transcend the ego within the context of Jungian precepts. What makes the book even more readable is that the author reflects on her own personal experience. I also find it refreshing that it is acknowledged that following that faint voice within yourself is not the easy option. Growth is outside your comfort zone. Could be read at one sitting. A good read for that long bus/plane/train journey.


5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful and fascinating, 7 May 2012

By StevenP (Australia)

This review is from: Just Say Yes to Life: Embracing Individuation to Embrace Life (Paperback)

Just Say Yes to Life is a fascinating read about how everyone can make changes to their lives by individuation. The book gives some great examples of people in the public eye who have individuated and there is exercises to complete to get you on the right track with helpful diagrams as well. I found the book to be thought provoking and makes you look back at what has happened in your life during the 7 year cycle and influences that have shaped your life. I found this to be an insightful and fascinating book.